During Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony, Mahershala Ali was awarded Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture for his role in the film Green Book. The movie has been subject to controversy lately, as the family of Dr. Donald Shirley, the talented real-life pianist portrayed by Ali, has spoken out against the film.

In the Globes’ press room after his win, Shadow and Act asked Ali how it felt to win knowing the family of Dr. Shirley has objected to the film.

“I will say this — my job is always the same. I have to look at what I’m responsible for doing. And all the prayers, energy, time and work…I’m not one who is going to necessarily throw that all away over things I have no control over and nothing to do with,” the actor said. “So, I respect the family. I respect Dr. Shirley and his family and wish them well. I have a job to do, and I have to continue to do my job as I move on to my next project and treat everyone I work with with respect. In this case, I didn’t know that they were around. And I’ve made contact and spoken to the studio and everyone, and I have to move on at this point, but I do wish them well. At the end of the day, you wish everybody was happy in any situation. You don’t want anybody to be upset about anything or offended in any capacity. So, I wish them well and send them my love, and I hope they receive it.”

In an extensive interview with Shadow and Act last monththe Shirley family called Green Book a “symphony of lies,” saying in part, “We know that there are families who have experienced much worse tragedies than this. But at the same time, what could have been for us a celebratory event ended up being something of a disappointment.”


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