Whether it’s in Memphis, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, D.C., Houston or anywhere in between, the proverbial Mecca of the Black community is the cookout. And a few things are held in high regard at every cookout: the invite list, the music choices and who’s making the potato salad. However, no cookout is complete without a game table.

From Uno to Spades, games among family and friends in Black culture are not a joking matter. The seriousness rests on the fact that it’s not just about the game. It’s about the ability to earn bragging rights. It’s about getting into the business of your second cousin on your mom’s side. It is about determining whether sugar goes in grits and why Robinette hasn’t forgiven all the student loans. The game table is the epicenter of every cookout — the place where opinions are shared and points are made.

Blavity, Inc. partnered with tbs/TNT/truTV’s MORE Initiative to bring this cultural experience to the small screen for all to enjoy. Points Were Made is a series that highlights some of the most popular and exciting games adopted by the Culture. Each episode brings together some of today’s most relevant Black artists, influencers and entertainers for laughs, cultural conversation and friendly competition. It’s the game night that says MORE.

Hosted by filmmaker, actor and media personality Rodney Rikai, this six-episode series will feature guests who represent and elevate Black culture across every area of media and entertainment. With a specific game chosen for each episode, Rikai establishes the house rules before they jump into the game. If there’s no clarity around the rules, the vibes can shift real quick. Consider Uno. Is it appropriate to put a Draw 2 on top of a Draw 4? Can you drop a series of the same cards down at one time to clear your hand faster? These are the things that matter because they can make or break a relationship.

No matter the game of choice and whatever the rules are for the night, everyone — except that problematic cousin — is invited to get an inside look as the participants bring their A-game and take a deep dive into relevant conversations that connect the culture. Each episode will offer perspectives on some of the things that circulate in the community, like the power of manifestation, creators of color receiving credit for their work, support of Black women and much more.

If you’re gathering at the cookout or pulling out the hot lemon-pepper wings for game night with homies, everyone can tap into the dope conversation and experience with Points Were Made.

Head to the MORE Youtube Channel and join in as some of Black culture’s finest representatives play the games we love, unpack the conversations we need to hear and make all the points.