Long-time Spike Lee editor Barry Alexander Brown (he cut 13 of Spike's films) will reportedly be getting behind the camera and into the director's chair (although not the first time) to direct an indie feature titled Son Of The South, which Spike Lee will executive produce.

The film's cast is already set: Rafe Spall and Jacqueline Emerson are attached to star in a project that's based on Bob Zellner's autobiography The Wrong Side of Murder Creek, which centers on the author's life in Alabama, the son of a minister and grandson of a KKK member, only to later join the Civil Rights Movement.

Spall will play Zellner, while Emerson will play his fiancee, Carol Anne.

The film's supporting cast includes: Marianne Jean Baptiste, Lou Gossett Jr., Clint DyerSaskia Reeves, and Chaka Forman.

As an aside… congrats to Clint Dyer whom I know personally; we screened a feature film he starred in here in NYC 2 years ago; the British film is titled SUS, and long-time readers will likely remember it since we covered it quite a bit. Clint's a really strong actor, and I'm glad to see him getting some exposure here in the USA. You should be able to find SUS on Netflix, and even Hulu last I checked.

He's also listed as a co-producer on this new indie drama, along with Eve Pomerance, Stephen Nemeth, Christopher J. Smith and Robin Adams.