For Marshawn Lynch, his intention behind joining the critically acclaimed queer teen comedy Bottoms was one of absolution.

In an interview with GQ Sports, Bottoms director Emma Seligman revealed that the former NFL player took on the role of substitute teacher Mr. G as a means of rewriting a past wrong with his sister.

“In our first conversation, he told me that his sister is queer,” Seligman said of Lynch. “And when they were in high school, he didn’t necessarily handle it super well.”

Starring The Bear breakout star Ayo Edebiri and Rachel Sennott, Bottoms chronicles two queer high school girls who start a fight club as a means of losing their virginity before they graduate high school. Sennott co-wrote the film alongside Seligman.

In a separate interview for the film, Lynch expanded on Seligman’s sentiments.

“This was a good opportunity for me, because when I was in high school, my sister had came out as being a lesbian. I did not handle it right,” Lynch said. “As a 16-year-old boy, I didn’t handle it the way that I feel I probably should have. So, I told her it was giving me an opportunity to correct my wrongs. To rewrite one of my mistakes.

Premiering in theaters to critical acclaim, Bottoms has grossed $4.3 million at the international box office already.