Joe Robert Cole/ Black PantherI wondered whether Ta-Nehisi Coates had first dibs on this job, given very recent news that he would be writing a comic book series on the character that will debut next year – news that was met with much jubilation by comic book fans and non-fans alike!

But not-so fast… 

The Wrap is reporting exclusively this afternoon that Joe Robert Cole is currently in negotiations to pen the screenplay for "Black Panther," which is set for a 2018 release, and will star Chadwick Boseman.

If Cole’s name isn’t at all familiar to you, it won’t be a surprise, given that he really doesn’t have any IMDB credits. The scribe comes from the same in-house writer’s program that Nicole Perlman was part of when she wrote the first draft of "Guardians of the Galaxy," says The Wrap, adding that Cole is rumored to have written a script for the "Inhumans" movie, although it’s not expected to be used.

Still no director attached however. Although, as I’ve said before, I wouldn’t be shocked if the job went to F. Gary Gray, a director whose name is being tossed around for other high-profile projects currently ("Furious 8" most recently), after the immense success of "Straight Outta Compton."

The only certainty as of this post is that Boseman will star as Black Panther. 

No one else has been cast; no director attached. 

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