nullMarvel Entertainment and ESPN Films have announce the feature-length documentary "1 of 1 – Genesis," as well as the short film series "1 of 1 – Origins," which will provide viewers with what the press release calls a unique look at some of the world’s most successful athletes by mixing the non-fiction style of ESPN Films, with classic Marvel comic book art, design and creative animation.

The documentary film, "1 of 1 – Genesis," is currently available on Digital HD through select digital retailers. It explores the connections between Marvel’s mightiest Super Heroes and the world’s greatest athletes, while attempting to answer the age-old question of nature vs. nurture: are top athletes born or created?

The "1 of 1 – Origins" short film series will launch this summer on "SportsCenter" and across ESPN’s digital platforms simultaneously. Each short film will focus on a single athlete, all of whom have, like all Marvel Super Heroes, a defining story of the origin of their powers in their ascent to greatness in their sport.

Directed by Emmy-winning director/producer Eric Drath, produced by Emmy-winner Dan Silver, and executive produced by Tracy McAndrew and John Cerilli, both "1 of 1 – Genesis" and "1 of 1 – Origins," contain all-new interviews with some of the top athletes in the world, including Russell Wilson, Alex Morgan, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, Henrik Lundqvist, Tim Howard, Colin Kaepernick, Brandi Chastain, Danica Patrick, Cal Ripken, Jr., Albert Pujols, Tony Hawk, and Manny Pacquiao. They are joined by notable experts, including New York Times best-selling author David Epstein (“The Sports Gene”), Professor & Psychologist Ellen Winner, and Marvel luminaries, including Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada and Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso, ESPN2’s "His & Hers" co-hosts Michael Smith and Jemele Hill, among others.

"We at Marvel have captivated audiences with our Super Heroes for over 75 years, yet we continue to be astounded by the uncanny abilities of the world’s top athletes," said John Cerilli, Vice President, Content & Programming, Marvel Digital Media Group. "Combining ESPN Films’ unparalleled approach to sports filmmaking with the resonant themes and aesthetics of Marvel has allowed us to assemble a film that will astonish and amaze fans of both worlds."

"In many ways, athletes are blessed in their chosen fields with super-human ‘powers’ much like those of some of the great Marvel Super Heroes," said Connor Schell, VP and Executive Producer, ESPN Films and Original Content, ESPN. "Like those characters, every great athlete has the moment where they learn to harness, develop and use their unique abilities to achieve. Eric Drath and his team have done a fantastic job at capturing and bringing to life those origin stories."

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