One of the most popular shows on E! is the new series, Mathis Family Matters.

The series follows the trials and tribulations of the titular Mathis family, helmed by patriarch Greg, whom you all best know as none other than Judge Greg Mathis.

That’s right: the tough-as-nails host of the long-running syndicated courtroom TV show, Judge Mathis, is taking viewers inside his private home life to show his viewers what it’s really like when the cameras go off.

“The show follows the honorable judge and his wife, Linda Mathis, as two of their adult children, Jade, 37, and Greg Jr., 33, move home to Los Angeles to find their way,” reports E!. “Plus, there are kids Camara, 34, and Amir, 31, who already call Hollywood home—and are ready to share their own journeys, careers, relationships and more.”

Clearly, Judge Mathis isn’t just a tough-as-nails litigator — he’s also a doting dad and grandfather, too.

With several episodes under their belt so far, Mathis Family Matters is proving to be a hit for reality TV lovers and longtime fans of Judge Mathis alike. Let’s take a look at the five things we know, so far, about this hit reality show.

They initially turned down the offer to do reality TV

In an interview with the Los Angeles Sentinel, Judge Greg Mathis revealed that the family was initially offered a reality TV deal a few years prior to Mathis Family Matters, but turned it down.

The popular TV judge changed his mind when he realized the show could have a positive impact.

“In one way we could present a positive image of an African American family, defy some stereotypes, and also show that even a family of Black professionals have obstacles that we encounter,” he said to the outlet. “It’s going to show how we overcome those obstacles and that’s the example we want in our community–to understand that whatever level of society you’re at, we all have personal setbacks and we have to fight to overcome them.”

'Mathis Family Matters' addresses the 'coming out' issue with the judge's son, Greg Mathis Jr.

A political staffer-turned-real estate mogul, Greg Mathis Jr. is openly out and public with his longtime boyfriend, Elliott Cooper.

But in a recent episode of Mathis Family Matters, Cooper revealed that the pair never really “came out” publicly.

That said, the pair did come out to Judge Mathis, himself — and Jr. said the experience showed a warm, inclusive side to the tough-as-nails arbitrator.

“About three years ago, let down my guard, called my dad, and I told him, I said, ‘I’ve been dating this guy named Greg for the last three years,'” he said. “He took a deep breath, and he said, ‘Well, son, you know I love you, but I am gonna take my time to learn and understand it so that we can be closer together,’ and I appreciated that.”

Jade Mathis went viral in 2016

The eldest child of Judge Greg Mathis and his longtime wife, Linda, Jade Mathis is an attorney and a public speaker who is often cited as being the most like her infamous father.

But though fans are enjoying her stint on Mathis Family Matters, she initially went viral in 2016 for the inspirational video you can see below.

Judge Mathis's other daughter, Camara, is the founder of She Social

According to Yahoo, She Social is an “event that unites women from different backgrounds.” And, like her father and older sister, Camara is in the legal field — though she’s an entertainment attorney.

And Amir is a television producer in his own right!

In addition to being the executive producer of Mathis Family Matters, Amir Mathis — the youngest of the four children — is an established television producer in his own right. According to his IMDb page, he produced American Gangster: Trap Queens and a short called Doug’s Christmas.