The film opens next week, but Q-Tip has thus far continued to stand by his decision to not support it, and hasn’t done any publicity for it either, leaving that up to his partners in crime, Phife Dawg, Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Jarobi White, who have all gotten behind director Michael Rapaport’s directorial debut, an homage to the group that he loves so much, A Tribe Called Quest.

As already publicly documented, Q-Tip’s reasons for his indignation stem from creative differences in the film’s making, between himself and director Rapaport.

To his credit, Rapaport spent part of the last 6 months since the film’s debut at the Sundance Film Festival, where I saw it, trying to woo Q-Tip, but has been unsuccessful. And to that end, the director has given up! But he hasn’t just given up his attempts, he’s actually now getting on the offense, challenging not only Q-Tip, but the rest of ATCQ (who, at one point, threatened him with legal action) to a war of words.

Or is it all just a publicity stunt, with the film just one week away from release…

Here’s what’s being reported this morning, that came from Rapaport’s mouth:

I’m not reaching out to him anymore about this… The movie version Q-Tip thinks should be coming out would be going straight to DVD… Spike Lee would have told A Tribe Called Quest to kiss his f-ing ass and take a f-ing walk… I appeased them, worked with them, tried to hear their point of view on things… You’re not Jay-Z, you’re not Kanye West… I intended to make an independently produced documentary about my favorite group, and that’s what I did. The reason I made the movie was out of a good place. And I was fair.

Well, damn! Hah! Somebody’s ticked. Or, once again, is it all just a publicity stunt, with the film just one week away from release…

No comment from Q-Tip, and the rest of the group thus far.