Michael Strahan remembers his late father Gene in a recent conversation with HSN.

Strahan, who hosts Good Morning America, told HSN that the posession of his that he would save in a catastrophe would be a picture of his father when he was a boxer in the 1960s. Strahan’s father died in 2020 at 83 years old. In so many words, he said his father’s picture is more valuable than any of the sports memorabilia he owns.

“Of all the memorabilia in my man cave there is only one thing that if anything happened, I would have to get out of there, it’s the most special thing to me,” he said, according to Hello!, adding, “It’s not a Super Bowl helmet, it’s not a game one jersey, it’s not any other memorabilia.”

"…It's the most special thing that I have in there because it's where it all started with me and my dad--everything else can go by the wayside but that is the one piece that's the most important to me," he said.

Strahan has talked about his relationship with his parents and his experiences growing up in his ESPN special, More Than an Athlete. In the special, Strahan revealed that he actually wasn’t a popular kid in school and found it hard to connect to other children after he and his military family moved to Germany when he was nine. He came back to Texas for his senior year of high school. Football is what led him to his current career path.

“Nothing happened in my social life,” he said in the special. “My life was school and I played football which was the real reason I was there.”

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