Michael Strahan is back as the host of ABC’s incredibly entertaining rendition of The 100,000 Pyramid this summer on the network.

“I think for me, I feel have grown as a host because I’ve learned to relax and enjoy it,” he said in a recent interview with Shadow and Act. “Like to be a spectator, but [to also] be a host [and] to not try to just think through too hard about everything. I literally play the game with everybody at home when they’re playing it in real-time and I’m laughing and joking. My reactions are authentic to what I’m feeling at the time. That’s been the biggest thing, just [to] kind of enjoy the game. It’s a blessing to be able to host a legendary game show.”

Though the game is a lot of fun, Strahan says something that he always thinks about is how the winning prize money can change someone’s life.

“The thing that I feel like I enjoy the most about it is just the laughs, making people happy and people winning life changing money,” he continued. “And I never take that lightly. I think everyone who comes on and plays are nervous, but the second that its over, they all realize how fun it was and want to do it again. I think that’s a great testament to the show and a great testament to our production team, who makes everybody comfortable with what they’re doing and makes [them] have a good time to the point of where they feel like it’s something that they want to continue to come back and support.”

The anchor and host also gave a tease about his upcoming skincare line, Michael Strahan Skin and why he decided to make it his latest venture.

“With clothing and being in that business is an organic thing for me, I’m in suits every day, six days a week [for] most of the year. So, it was authentic to have suits. And then when I’m not in a suit I’m in athleisure or more like streetwear, so it’s authentic to have that business. And the next version of that is skin, because no matter how good you look or you feel when your clothing, if you’re not confident in your skin, you’re thrown off by that. So I’m diligent about skincare. The routine that I have as far as washing my face, moisturizing my face, what I put on my skin, shaving–I’m on top of everything, but it’s not in a way in which it feels like it takes much time out of my day. And it’s not something that’s intrusive on my life, but it’s something I feel is necessary because I want to give the best presentation I can give. So men have always had this taboo thing about skincare, we never really talk about it, as if it’s only reserved for women. But I think that now we could talk about it.”

Watch the full interrview below: