The Minority
Independent Producer’s Summit
describes itself as an
organization that is dedicated to furthering the growth and development of minority independent
film producers and entertainment organizations, as well as individual artists.

And this June
in New York City, the MIPS will launch its first ever summit, with its dedicated goal being to “recognize, celebrate and promote minority
independent producers and content creators from a diverse community of Blacks,
Latinos, Asians, Middle Eastern, Women, and LGBT people.

The summit will empower “minority independent film and TV
producers to achieve greater access and sustainability with the focus on 1) Access
and Sustainability 2) Business Partnership and 3) Collaboration Breaking the
Distribution Blockade.

The event will take place from June 25 – 27 and the locations for the event will include the Tribeca Cinemas, the SVA Theater and the MIST Harlem Cinema.

To find out more about the summit ,and to subscribe to
their official newsletter for upcoming up-to-date news about the summit, you can
go to the website HERE, although it won’t be fully functioning until May 1st, so be sure to always
check it for the latest developments.