Following a multi-year legal battle against Netflix over discrimination, Mo’Nique and the streaming giant have come to a settlement agreement. The Almost Christmas star filed a complaint against Netflix, alleging that they lowballed her in an offer for a standup special. According to her legal team, all things have been resolved. 

Mo’Nique sues Netflix for discrimination

It all started in 2017 when Netflix approached Mo’Nique about a comedy special. Negotiations fell flat because the Oscar-winning actress did not agree to a $500,000 one-hour show. She alleged Netflix would have creative control. Moreso, she revealed the contract deals negotiated with other comedians, such as Amy Schumer and Dave Chappelle, both of whom received millions in their deals.

As a result, she called on fans to boycott the service, citing “gender bias and color bias.” She also went on a media tour regarding the incident.

She eventually filed a lawsuit. But Netflix stood by their offer, saying negotiations could have continued, but it was Mo’Nique who backed out fully. Netflix submitted their response explaining such. But, a judge sided with Mo’Nique.

“At the very least, Mo’Nique’s allegations permit the plausible inference that, had she not challenged her offer as discriminatory, Netflix would have continued negotiating in good faith with her and increased her offer, consistent with its customary practice in dealing with talent in the entertainment industry,” the judge wrote.

The lawsuit has since been settled. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Michael Parks, who represents Mo’Nique, said that, “The matter has been amicably resolved.” Per various reports, both parties have agreed to dismiss the suit.