The years-long saga in Mo’Nique’s grievances with Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey and Lee Daniels continues.

The Oscar-winning actress has been speaking out against her former famous friends alleging that they are partially response for her being blackballed in the industry. It all stems from her refusal to take part in free international promotion for her critically acclaimed role in Precious, which she says in turn had a negative impact on her reputation, with her and her husband/manager being labeled as difficult to work with. Now, she says Perry reneged on his promise to stand by her publicly and in turn, demanded she apologize.

Mo’Nique previously released a recording of a private conversation with Tyler Perry

The former star of The Parkers alleges that Perry was privately on her side in her stance against Daniels and Winfrey, but he publicly refuses to speak up. She released a private recording of one of their conversations. In the video, Perry is heard apologizing, saying he would pay her money she’s earned, and promises to speak up publicly on her behalf.

In a new recording, Mo’Nique says she has, similar comments are reportedly made. Perry apologizes by saying “what I did to you was wrong,” per Radar Online. Mo’Nique also revealed that her close personal friends Al Sharpton and Kevin Hart listened to the tape and tried calling Tyler Perry to clear up the air, which he refused.

She says Tyler Perry demanded an apology from her

According to Mo’Nique, Perry eventually agreed to speak with her, but under one condition.

She told T.S. Madison in a recent interview, as reported by The Jasmine Brand, “He said I don’t want to revisit that then he called back while we were on the phone and he said, ‘I changed my mind, I will meet with Mo’Nique but not with her husband and then she has to apologize to me and Oprah Winfrey for saying that we had anything to do with ruining her career.”

The Almost Christmas star says she refuses to be silenced about injustices she says she’s experiencing. She also notes that she still finds it disgraceful that others won’t speak on her behalf but insists she has no ill will toward anyone she speaks of. What keeps her going is those who fought for justice before her, noting that Black women are often punished for speaking out and their stories are later told after their deaths.

She said: “See, I can give you their names–Eartha Kitt. I can give you their names–Hazel Scott. I can give you their names–Fannie Lou Hamer. I can give you their names–Hattie McDaniel. All of those women took a stand. And all of those women left here heartbroken, unhealthy, looking at a community saying, ‘y’all know I’m right. But why won’t anybody say anything?’”


She also says she 'loves' Perry, Daniels and Oprah.

She added, “People ask me, ‘do you dislike or hate Oprah and Tyler and Lee [Daniels]?’ No. Let me be clear. I love those people. We love those people, my husband and I love [them]. They’re our brothers and sisters. And, as my husband always says, ‘momma, we ain’t calling nobody out.’ We’re simply calling them up to say, listen let’s make our community better by making it right, not running and hiding by what you consider is your power.”

Watch Mo'Nique's full interview with TS Madison below: