Mo’Nique has issued an apology to D.L. Hughley’s family but says she still has all the smoke for him.

Over the Juneteenth weekend, Mo’Nique finally issued an apology to Hughley for talking about his family when discussing her issues with an alleged contract dispute with Hughley a few weeks ago. Part of Mo’Nique’s tirade against Hughley branched out to include sexual comments about himself and his wife, alleging Hughley is gay, and even including Hughley’s daughter’s past sexual trauma.

During her set on June 18, Mo'Nique started off saying, "I like to consider myself a woman of honor so I've got to do something publicly that I did publicy and when I f--k something up I've got to fix it up…to D.L. Hughley's family I want to publicly apologize if I hurt anyone's feelings."

However, she continued saying, “I want to publicly apologize to his wife and his babies if I hurt [their] feelings. That was never my godd—n intention. I never meant to hurt [their] feelings. But that n—a D.L., I meant every motherf—–g thing I said!”

Most viewers online felt like it actually wasn't since she said "if" she caused harm, which she did, particularly since Hughley said in his last address to Mo'Nique that his daughter cried after Mo'Nique revisited her trauma by talking about it to a nationwide audience.

“When someone says ‘I apologize IF’ that’s not an apology anymore….because you are still thinking or feeling some type of way as to apologize or not. This is genuine. My opinion though,” tweeted one person, according to Atlanta Black Star.

Another person wrote, "No. Absolutely, no. Because, she really said some wild stuff & whether or not she was mad at that man: it did not warrant for her literally try to emasculate him. Man that was so long ago now, she waited too long to apologize. Ask God for forgiveness not because I'm human and I'm not going to forgive you, she crossed the d**n line including that man's family."

Others wrote how she didn’t actually apologize because she never fully acknowledged the harm she caused, with one simply writing, “What kinda apology was that.” Another wrote, “This is a horrible apology.. not ‘if’ you hurt somebody.”