A casting news update on a project we profiled earlier this week, when it was reported that rapper-turned-actor (raptor) T.I. had signed up to play a bounty hunter in a Universal Pictures action/comedy titled Identity Thief.

T.I. joined stars Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy, as a man (Bateman) and the woman (McCarthy) who steals his identity, and they become unlikely companions. 

As a bounty hunter, T.I.’s character hunts them both, to collect his bounty.

The film's cast also includes Morris ChestnutJon FavreauAmanda PeetJohn Cho and others.

We didn't know what role Chestnut had signed up to play in the film, but now we do, although not much.

Deadline says he'll play a Boston police detective. That's it. No further explanation about his involvement in the plot, or how significant. 

Chestnut can currently be found in Think Like A Man, although he's not one of its leads.