MSNBC has unexpectedly cut ties with weekend personality Tiffany Cross. She hosted Cross Connection on the cable news network.

According to Variety, the network has decided not to renew Cross’ contract after two years and parted ways with her immediately. Insiders speculate that Cross’ relationship with MSNBC became frayed, with executives at the network “growing concerned about the anchor’s willingness to address statements made by cable-news hosts on other networks and indulging in commentary executives felt did not meet the standards of MSNBC or NBC News.”

Notably, Cross recently took Fox News' Tucker Carlson to task.

Cross' termination likely comes as a shock to most given her popularity among Black viewers overall and Black female viewers in particular.

Until a replacement is found, a rotating group of anchors will lead Cross’ weekend hours.

Both MSNBC and Cross have not commented on the matter.

Her exit resulted in folks speaking out on Twitter