nullI’m always thrilled to see black filmmakers exploring the more fantastical genres of cinema, like Che Grayson and Sharon De La Cruz (repping NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts), and their multi-media project, titled Rigamo, which will be both a film and a comic book series – centered on a young superhero who accidentally stumbles upon a secret ability: her tears bring people back to life, but with a caveat – when she brings someone back to life, she ages by several years.

The film portion of the project will be written and directed by Che Grayson, with visual effects done by Sharon De La Cruz; while the comic book will be drawn by Sharon, and the story written by Che. 
Team work! 
The duo already raised a third of their budget which came in the form of a grant from NYU’s Graduate Student Organization, and are now hoping to raise the rest of it ($2100) via a newly-launched Kickstarter campaign, which ends on March 15. Just over $750 of the $2100 has been contributed as of the time of this post, meaning they need to raise another $1350 within the next month, which shouldn’t be too much of a challenge – at least, I wouldn’t think so.
The money raised will go towards: 
– Costumes and production design to help bring the vision to life
– Transportation for cast and crew 
– Food for cast and crew 
– Price of film stock and film development 
– Pay for film festival submission fees so we can get this story to a greater audience. 
First watch their video pitch below, and if you’d like to contribute to their campaign, click HERE, or within the widget underneath: