All I can say is I’ve met the Bond team, I’ve met Sam Mendes, they’re all wonderful. I’ve auditioned for Bond… My audition was really great actually because it’s so top secret, the whole Bond thing. I hadn’t realised how top secret it was… I’ve auditioned for a lot of things before but never for something where you can’t see the script, it’s that secret… I auditioned with a scene from Quantum of Solace… You don’t know what role you’re going up for either, so everybody gets given a scene from a previous Bond movie.. I don’t know whether it’s true or not that I’m going to be an intelligent Bond girl. I don’t know at all but I’d like it!

British actress Naomie Harris publicly confirming to the BBC that she is indeed being considered to play a role in the next 007 movie, Bond 23. Although, no one in the press, and not even her, knows exactly what role she’s being considered for.