Some quickie TV news items I just learned about…

First, NBC has canceled its troubled new Law & Order: Los Angeles series; not much of a surprise after a slow start, and then being put on hold, followed by a complete overhauling of the cast. So, Terence Howard and the rest of the cast, can finally say goodbye to that, and move on.

Secondly, NBC has also canceled the sci-fi drama The Event, which I actually watched the first few episodes of, but lost interest soon thereafter; that coupled with all the other shit I have to do. I just didn’t have time to add another show to my must-see viewing list. In case you need a reminder, this is the new series that featured Blair Underwood as the president of the USA. Well, he can say goodbye to that as well.

Third and last, and maybe the most unexpected, earlier this week, Fox canceled The Chicago Code – the cop drama that starred Jennifer Beals, Delroy Lindo, and several others. Too bad… I heard it was actually a decent show.

That’s it for now… isn’t that enough? 🙂