Nelsan Ellis is also a director for those who weren't already aware; last year, we featured an ambitious short film he directed titled Page 36, which I saw at the ABFF last summer, and was impressed by. 

Here's hoping it eventually shows up online, so that we can share it with you here.

In the meantime, you should know that Nelsan is currently working on a feature documentary called Damn Wonderful (how's that for a film title?), which, as the project's website states:

… explores solutions. In particular, the solutions that enabled 6 young people to live with no regrets in a world that so often leaves them with little room to love themselves. Their poetry, their words, and their experiences shared with loved ones, will inspire a generation fighting for a voice the world needs to hear.

Co-created by Khadija A. Brockington (who's done production work on True Blood), Damn Wonderful follows the lives of 6 young LGBT poets(3 from NYC and 3 from LA), from diverse backgrounds and experiences, offering a visceral and honest look into some of the challenges and triumphs this country's youth are facing.

While we don't have an expected release date yet, the film is being shot (and may even be done with principal photography), as several July posts on its blog say that the producers are watching footage, are hard at work in the editing room, and most recently, are back on set.

Nothing to show you yet however; but it's on my watch list.

The above image is from the very last post on the film's blog (dated July 21), which included the following caption: 

Sneak peek of the poster you’ll see during the promos we shot this Sunday!