Now that Nene Leakes is back on the dating scene following the death of her longtime husband Gregg, an alleged younger flame of the former The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is making his time with Leakes known. The social media flex comes amid Leakes going public with her entrepreneur boo. Leakes however is paying the chatter no mind as she enjoys her new budding romance. 

The man is reportedly a rapper

Photos of Leakes asleep in the bed alongside a younger man surfaced online. The man goes by the name “Temper Boi” and describes himself as an entrepreneur and rapper. 

“Since mf’s wanna leak my s**t and run false headlines might as well share the truth…,” he wrote on his Instagram page of the bed photo and another of them cuddled in a club. “Last few months been amazing and eye-opening. “Nothing but love for you Linnethia and I wish you the best‼””

In a separate Instagram story, he shaded Leakes and bragged about their alleged intimate moments with a song by Future playing in the background. The song lyrics featured include: “Anytime I got you, girl you my possession/ Even if I hit you once, you part of my collection.”

Nene Leakes makes her relationship with a Liberian-born businessman public

Leakes is dating Nyonisela Sioh. Sioh owns a couture suit company in Charlotte, North Carolina, and hails from Liberia, Africa. The reality star was introduced to Sioh from her good pal, Peter Thomas. Thomas was previously married to Leakes former BFF and co-star, Cynthia Bailey. 

Despite many believing Leakes has moved on rather quickly, she says Gregg gave her his blessing. In an exclusive interview with The Shade Room, Leakes spoke of one of her final conversations with her late husband. “I will love Gregg forever & ever! Grieving is hard! Even harder & depressing alone,” she said. “Gregg and I had a very tearful conversation before his passing. His words to me were ‘be happy, keep smiling and he who finds you, has found a good one.'”

Leakes was photographed with Sioh at her 54th birthday party recently. She and Gregg’s son Brent threw her a surprise party at her Georgia lounge. The same week, Leakes shared photos of her and Sioh celebrating in Miami, Florida. A source told Access Hollywood that Leakes is “in love.”