Young Famous and African has been a successful show on Netflix. What has not been successful is star 2Baba’s promise to stop cheating on his wife and co-star Annie Macaulay-Idibia after having multiple affairs and children by other women during his marriage. A rumor surfaced that 2Baba had his sixth child outside of the marriage.

He has seven in total and only two are by Annie. However, the reality star and musician’s manager says these rumors are false.

Context from the Netflix series:

Viewers were on the edge of their seats when they saw Macaulay-Idibia speaking to her friends about 2Baba’s outside children. Twitter users talked about the show for days. The audience got more insight into 2Baba’s marriage as the season went on, with 2Baba promising on their 10-year anniversary to be faithful to his wife for their next decade.

The rumor report:

The Citizen reported on the rumors that the father of seven had welcomed his eighth child into the world, and that it was not with his wife.

It was assumed that this was why he issued an apology recently on Instagram. The apology was received poorly because it was posted alongside people dancing to his music.


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“This is no stunt," he wrote in part.

“I’m sorry for all the embarrassment I’ve caused my wife, my kids, my mother and all our families and my management team. I’m not looking for no sympathy,” he continued. “I’m not trying to make myself look good. I simply just don’t want to be the one that always apologise I’ve been a sh**y father and a sh**y husband and sh**y baby daddy. I have no excuses. I just want to do right by my wife, and my kids and their moms and my mom and all families and my manager and friends. I beg y’all to pls just face me and cancel me anyhow.”

The next day, he posted a video of his Annie during a photoshoot, captioning it: “Forever Grateful to u @annieidibia1. Love u till I die. Ur kind is rare #GRATEFUL to u forever…”


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She commented that she forgives him, writing, “LYTID N A DAY MORE. It’s ok baby. I’ll be home soon.”

A few days earlier, she also addressed the situation, writing, "Our love isn’t for everybody… They don’t need to understand it….. It’s on Us n Us Alone."


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2Baba's manager claims the reports of him having another child are not true

He posted the following press release on Instagram:


It is understandable for fans, friends and concerned members of public to get curious and seek to know why @official2baba posted an apology to his wife, @annieidibia1, family and management a few days ago.

We would like to put it on record that the “why” is exactly what was explicitly spelt out in the same post – the pressure of almost a quarter of century of superstardom and a wish to focus on making music without the burden of high expectations of a role model.

Reports of him getting anyone pregnant are totally false and malicious and we urge well-meaning media platforms and members of the public to completely disregard such. It is fake news.

Many would recall that this fictitious banker character has been repeatedly getting e-pregnant for @official2baba every two or three years since 2014. There is no iota of truth in this allegation.

– Now Muzik.


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Regardless, Twitter users were not happy