From Stay Woke: Black Lives Matter to Death Row Chronicles, BET is no stranger to documentaries. Continuing this trend, BET Digital’s new documentary series, Vixen, will explore the rapid rise and fall of the video vixen era. A three-part documentary that will study the evolution of hip-hop, Vixen will also include candid interviews from artists, journalists and directors. The film, living up to its title, will also include sit-downs from “video vixens” such as Karrine Steffans, Melyssa Ford, Gloria Velez, Lola Monroe, Yaris Sanchez, Stephanie Santiago and Rosa Acosta. Vixen will also include clips from  Superfly helmer Director X, Dr. Teeth, Sha Money XL and Amina Diop.

The commentary will serve as both a reflection and a critique of misogyny and the devaluing of women that permeates the hip-hop industry. “I think in hip-hop and in music in general especially the urban market, they never really talk highly of women ever. Country music is lovey-dovey, and they praise their women. Latin music, salsa, meringue, they praise they women’s beauty,” Velez said. “In hip-hop not so much. We get used to it. We bop our heads, and we rap along even though if they’re dissing us calling us hoes or whatever because it’s what we grew up on. We became acceptable of it. It just got worse.”

Check out the first trailer for BET’s Vixen in the trailer below.