Nothing terribly exciting… A casting sheet I’ve received for Tyler Perry’s I Alex Cross project reveals that his character will be a father with 2 young children – a 7 year old boy and a 9 year old girl. Obviously, he has no wife in the movie, because, as the synopsis states, he’ll be tracking down a serial killer (to be played by Matthew Fox) who may have murdered his wife years before.

I’m not sure how involved the children will be in the film, but, likely not very much more than the usual domestic household scenes in which they kiss and hug daddy goodbye, as he goes to work, or as he tucks them in to sleep, etc. Although, they may be used as pawns later in the film, as these types of movies tend to go; by that I mean, Alex Cross maybe gets close to the killer, the killer raises the stakes and uses Alex’s kids to hold him back – maybe he kidnaps them, and Alex has to save them, killing the killer in the end… or something like that.

Although, who knows, Tyler just may have a love interest in this, because there’s a supporting role for a female cop said to be in her late 20s/early 30s, described as Caucasian, and with the words, “a beautiful cop.” Pure speculation of course, but, based on the sheet I’ve seen, that’s really the only opportunity his character will have at romance in the movie. She might be his partner as well. It’s not clear.

And lastly, the film has an official shooting start date of August, with principal photography taking place in Detroit and Cleveland.

So, after Good Deeds, which Tyler is currently shooting in Atlanta, I Alex Cross will follow, with both films likely in theaters in 2012, continuing Perry’s 2 films a year release schedule.