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The Condola Rashad (or I should say Tony Nominee Condola Rashad) ensemble drama we told you about earlier this year, titled 30 Beats, that's inspired by Arthur Schnitzler's play La Ronde, was picked by Roadside Attractions for US and Latin American territories.

On the VOD, DVD, TV side, Lionsgate has acquired those rights.

Roadside had previously assigned the film a June 1 theatrical release, simultaneously with its VOD debut. But that date has been changed to July 20 instead – which is this Friday.

Here's a recap of the film from my previous post.

First, its synopsis:

In Manhattan, everybody is connected by less than six degrees of sexual separation. A first encounter sparks a series of intimate and comedic moments linking ten New Yorkers in a chain reaction of love and desire. Inspired by Arthur Schnitzler's play "La Ronde" and set in present-day Manhattan, 30 BEATS explores a series of encounters between ten people connected by the laws of sexual attraction and spans across ten different neighborhoods of the city.

Written and directed by Alexis Lloyd, the cast also includes: Jennifer Tilly, Paz de la Huerta, Lee Pace, Justin Kirk, Vahina Giocante, Thomas Sadoski, and several others.

La Ronde has been the basis for several past films, some using the title of the original work; others not.

I should note that Schnitzler also wrote a novella titled Dream Story, which was the literary work that Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut was based on, given you some idea of what his proclivities where.

La Ronde, the original play, was set in the 1890s in Vienna, and consisted of ten interlocking scenes between pairs of lovers, with each of its ten characters appearing in two consecutive scenes, as you will see in the title of each scenes below:

1. The Whore and the Soldier

2. The Soldier and the Parlor Maid

3. The Parlor Maid and the Young Gentleman

4. The Young Gentleman and the Young Wife

5. The Young Wife and The Husband

6. The Husband and the Little Miss

7. The Little Miss and the Poet

8. The Poet and the Actress

9. The Actress and the Count

10. The Count and the Whore

Will Lloyd's film take on a somewhat similar structure? The synopsis does say it's *inspired by* La Ronde, and not that it's an adaptation of it.

Check out the trailer below (and poster underneath):