A new report claims Nick Cannon isn’t signing off on Sherri, the new show replacing The Wendy Williams Show.

According to Page Six, Cannon, who is one of Williams’ friends and a fellow talk show host, isn’t interested in supporting Sherri Shepherd’s new series.

Reportedly, Debmar-Mercury, the production company behind The Wendy Williams Show, asked Cannon to support the launch of Shepherd's new show. But he refused due to his friendship with Williams.

A source close to Williams said that Cannon wouldn’t support out of his allegiance to his friend, and that he was unhappy with how the company handled Williams’ situation. It’s worth noting that part of Cannon’s closeness with Williams comes from the fact that when Cannon guest hosted during one of Williams’ seasons, the opportunity led to him being asked to make his own talk show.

However, his talk show didn't last very long, and that has also led to Cannon not wanting to work with Debmar-Mercury, allegedly.

According to the report, he didn’t like how Debmar-Mercury canceled his talk show after just six months.

Fans have also not liked how Debmar-Mercury have treated Williams’ legacy. In a surprising turn, the social media for The Wendy Williams Show, including the YouTube page housing old episodes, was taken down, leaving fans without a way to rewatch their favorite episodes.

People took to Twitter to accuse the company of trying to destroy Williams' legacy in the wake of her severe health conditions.

In the wake of her show being cancelled, Williams has launched a new podcast endeavor, The Wendy Experience podcast.