I went to school to be an actress. I never expected to be a rapper. It just fell in my lap… So I would like to get an acting gig. I hope that when I am done with the tour I can go back and do some acting. That is my long-term goal… I want to work with Will Smith, because he’s a very successful rapper turned actor and therefore a role model… And Tim Burton because I love his crazy imagination. He comes up with these characters that are just so fascinating and the costumes and just creates these whole worlds.

Nicki Minaj talking to Entertainment Weekly, posted earlier today.

Reminded me of the below clip from an independent film called Stuck on Broke, which was reportedly Ms Minaj’s onscreen acting debut.

Don’t be surprised if a year from now, we’re announcing that Nicki Minaj has been cast in a Will Smith movie, directed by Tim Burton!

As an aside… a word of advice to those thinking about becoming actors: maybe consider a career as a rapper first; your odds at getting acting work will likely improve. Just look around you 🙂