Here’s a music video for My Last Day Without You is a film we’ve covered a bit on S&A… gathering tidbits here and there. Last we reported on it, the film, starring Nicole Beharie and Ken Duken, will premiere at the Brooklyn Film Festival this June (11th and 12th); In addition, the film will be screening for buyers/distributors at the Cannes market tomorrow, May 14th.

To recap…the story goes, in short, on a one-day business trip to New York, a German business executive (Ken Duken) falls in love with a singer-songwriter and daughter of a pastor, who exposes him to her Brooklyn world, eliciting emotions he’s never experienced before, turning their worlds upside down.

Directed by Stefan Shaeffer, the film takes place during the 11 hours of his visit.

The below music video, shot by Dan Hersey, was just released; in it Nicole Beharie sings the title song, and you will see quite a bit of new footage that I don’t recall seeing in the trailer several months ago.