How far would you be willing to go for a stranger? 

Dennis Haysbert shows the utmost compassion for one in the new 20th Century Studios’ suspense  thriller No Exit, which follows a young woman, Darby (Havana Rose Liu), as she heads home to a family emergency. She instead finds herself stuck due to a blizzard, ultimately finding shelter at a highway rest among a group of people she does not know.

Haysbert, who portrays Ed, describes his character as “strong” and “troubled.” This character even taught the seasoned actor a thing or two about compassion.

“It’s all about the situation, and if you look at this movie, they’re like characters in a snow globe, there’s nowhere to go,” he shared in an exclusive interview with Shadow and Act. “And all you can do is press forward and try to make the situation the best possible [situation] for everyone. It’s kind of like going down a tunnel and you’re looking for that light at the end of the tunnel and from that distance, it’s a pen light. You’ve got to get through until you can walk through it.”

"The only way out is through," Haysbert said.

He hopes that those watching the film will not only find a character that they can resonate with, but one where they can fully immerse themselves into their shoes.

“If they’re like me, they will find a character in there that they resonate [with],” he expressed. “Then they would think about what they would do in that situation. If they can allow themselves to do that, that’s a tough thing to do, to put yourself in the situation of the people that you’re watching. Or, you [may] want to be that person that’s just sitting on the wall, watching it, seeing how it all unfolds.”

As a veteran in the industry starring in classics like Love & Basketball, Waiting To Exhale and a host of other movies and television shows, Haysbert says that you’ll have to watch the film to see if this role allows those watching to see a different side of him.

Like any other project that he’s been a part of, Haysbert says that it was just a blessing to be a part of something with a talented group of individuals.

“Like every film I shoot, I always feel blessed and honored to be working with the people that I’m working with, especially this cast,” he explained.

“This cast was especially strong and loving,” he continued. “I love the people that we worked with in this film.”

No Exit is now available for streaming on Hulu.

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