I’m prepping something at the moment. Supposed to be directing in about five weeks time. I can’t tell you about it but someone said to me “Oh, isn’t it weird how the Brits are always villains in the American films. You should do a British film with an American villain.” That’s all I say.

British multihyphenate Noel Clarke revealed to Getty (courtesy of Bleeding Cool) at the UK premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness, which he has a part in.

Obviously, not much to go on, except that it’ll be a British film with an American villain, and he’s prepping it at the moment, and it looks like it’ll be his next directorial effort.

So the guessing game as to what it could be, begins. Although I should add that in my January interview with Clarke, he did share the following:

I’m supposed to be directing a movie in April or May, for me to direct and star in, which will be another sci-fi project.

Might this be what he was referring to in the above recent quote? 

I should also note that this will be his first solo directorial effort since 2008’s Adulthood (he co-directed 2010’s with Mark Davis).

Last week, he signed up to star in The Habit of Beauty, from directors Enrico Tessarin and Mirko Pinchelli, their first feature, which is scheduled to shoot in London and Florence later this year, and is will be set against the backdrop of the 2011 London Riots.

Clarke will next be seen in Star Trek Into Darkness.

He had a busy 2012 both in front of and behind the camera (writing and producing especially), and looks to be on-track for a similar kind of 2013.