I like the look and feel of the footage I see in the video pitch for this campaign I received, below, and will contribute to it.

Take a look for yourselves, and if you’re sold, you should follow the link to the project’s Kickstarter page and make your own contribution.

Here’s a summary of the film producer’s message: 

My name is Leelai Demoz and I am the producer of DIFRET, which was formerly titled OBLIVION […] We have completed the film and we are working on post production sound and color timing. We are doing a kickstarter to raise 20k to get that going […] There is a two minute teaser at the end of the kickstarter appeal.

Here is a brief synopsis: DIFRET


Meaza Ashenafi is a workaholic and the founder of an organization that provides free legal aid services to poor women and children in need. As a young lawyer and a tireless advocate for women she operates under the government’s radar until one legal case exposes everything and threatens the survival of her work.

14-year-old Hirut Assefa is abducted while walking home from school by a 29-year-old farmer who intends to marry her. Hirut shoots and kills her abductor with his own rifle, in an attempt to get back to her parents.

Hirut is charged with murder by the local police and kept in prison without bail. She is facing the death penalty though she claims her actions are in self-defense. The news about Hirut’s case spreads like wildfire in the media throughout Ethiopia and Meaza seeks to represent her in the legal proceedings.

Inspired by this young girl’s courage, Meaza embarks on a long tenacious battle to save Hirut’s life.  As the trial unfolds, these two women’s lives become inextricably linked. The emotional toll caused by the highs and lows of their legal battle tests the limits of everything that Meaza and Hirut hold dear. 

Oblivion began production in Ethiopia, last summer, shooting on 35mm film, thanks to support from a production package from Panavison CamerasPipeline Production, the Ministry of Culture Ethiopia, and others.

Here’s the link to the project’s Kickstarter page, where the filmmakers hope to raise $20,000, with 46 days left in the campaign, and just over $4,400 raised this far:

And here’s the video pitch; about halfway through, you’ll find the footage from the film I referred to earlier: