nullOctavia Spencer spoke recently about her recognition for her supporting role in this year's controversial hit The Help, which has been nominated for best picture and best ensemble by the Golden Globes and SAG Awards respectively.

According to the Huffington Post, Spencer was moved to tears and stated that she tried not to "invest emotionally" in the Hollywood awards campaign because she "just didn't want anything to diminish what we've all been able to accomplish."

Spencer also said the following regarding her honors, Viola Davis, and her hopes for fellow actors:

"No matter what happens, the fact that we've had some stardust rain down on us over the past couple of days, it's just, it's pretty…overwhelming. I'm thrilled for Viola. I consider myself a rank-and-file actor who's been kicking the can around for 15 years. Viola is a trained Juilliard actress who has been doing stage and now the world is getting to see what she can do… I'm glad that she's having her moment and she deserves this moment. I wish this for all of my fellow actors, rank-and-file actors who have been kicking it around as long as I have. I hope that I am a beacon of hope for them, because really and truly, they know what it's like to have constant rejection and to have hope, so hopefully I will represent that for them."

Spencer can be seen next in James Ponsoldt's Smashed as a casino card dealer, which is set to premiere at Sundance this upcoming January.