nullIt’s been eight months since we profiled Jamie Nieto, the Olympic High Jumper, turned actor, turned director. I’m still waiting for the Roberto Clemente movie and the Blood Brothers web series.

Come on Jamie when are they going to come out!???

In the meantime we can watch Jamie Nieto on his new online interview series produced by his Raising the Bar production company, “Holla Atcha Boy.” No, he does not interview people on a street corner. The Olympic athlete interviews athletes and celebrities! The title of the show is a little jarring (okay A LOT) but I’m grateful that he didn’t name it Spikes of Gold or Dreams of Gold. It’s HOLLA ATCHA BOY. According to the urban dictionary, “Holla Atcha Boy” is a terms of endearment meaning to talk to you later or to recognize after you’ve accomplished something incredible (like jumping over a bar at 7 feet 5 inches). 

There is definitely an opening in the media universe for more coverage of Olympic and Paralympic sport athletes so this show fills a need.  According to Jamie, “Holla Atcha Boy” aims to inspire, entertain and capture the true feelings, insights, and interests of some of today’s most influential athletes and celebrities. If he really wants his show to be relevant he should interview Winter Sport athletes. They will surely be jockeying for attention in the coming months.

Right now the interviews are pretty short and innocuous but I expect overtime they will become more elaborate and produced. He first two interviews are with Olympic 200m Gold Medalist Allyson Felix and 2009 New York Marathon winner Meb Keflegzigi.

Keep up the good work Jamie. Holla Atcha Girl!