Your wait is officially over! New Jack City is now available on Blu-ray, in a 1-disc package.

I couldn't find any info on extra features, but I'd assume that, at the very least, it would contain extras from the 2005 2-disc DVD release, including the following:

· Audio Commentary by Director/Co-Star Mario Van Peebles
· New Jack City: A Hip-Hop Classic: Artists, radio personalities and other hip-hop icons show their respect for the movie that brought the streets to the big screen.
· New Jack City: Harlem World: Mario Van Peebles checks out the sights and sounds of the Black Capital of America.
· Harlem World: A Walk Inside: an inside look at the city of Harlem. is selling it for about $12.

Watching the 1991 film again recently, I can't say it held up well over the years.

But I recall being VERY excited to see it during the year of its release 21 years ago, and eventually seeing it, and, I must say, really loving it back then! Although, I was in my mid-teens at the time.

How would it be received if it were made in 2012? I'd say, not very well. Although maybe that's not a fair question.

Worth noting is that John Singleton's debut, Boyz N The Hood, was also released that same year – the 23rd highest grossing movie of 1991. It's no wonder then that, with 2 so-called "hood movies" released in the same year (before the term entered the mainstream), earning a combined total of $110 million in box office grosses, life was given to the beginning of that early to mid-1990s period, when "black cinema" was so narrowly defined by similarly themed works.

In actuality, New Jack City was released a good 4 months before Boyz; so maybe the success of New Jack City helped Boyz at the box office. It's fair to say that we seem to credit the success of Boyz for launching the "hood movie" craze that followed; but it's possible that New Jack actually deserves that recognition – or at least, part of it!

Also worth noting is that this was Traci Camilla Johns' last role, until recently, in Red Hook Summer, playing Uniqua, the stripper.

It also helped launch Wesley Snipes' career as an action movie star, with Passenger 57 released about a year after.

All that said, it'll be nice to revisit this on Blu-ray.

Here's its trailer as a refresher ("Rock-a-bye-baby"):