Though Netflix’s hit series Outer Banks is largely about class, some fans feel that the series falls short when it comes to shining a light on race and the impact it has on its main Black characters.

The series’ star Madison Bailey is well aware of this and recently opened up about the series’ take on race in her cover story interview for Cosmopolitan.

Fans have called out the show for not tackling race and racism, despite its many opportunities.

Over the last three seasons, fans have seen how differently Black characters are treated compared to their white counterparts. Many believe that there were countless opportunities for Outer Banks‘ writers to comment on race and racism but have consistently missed the mark.

“I feel like Outer Banks would be more realistic if they acknowledged racism more,” wrote one fan on Twitter back in 2020, just one month after the series premiered.

Bailey thinks it would be good for the show to address race and is holding out hope that it will one day.

In her Cosmopolitan cover story, Bailey opened up about how Outer Banks still hasn’t tackled race despite being on its third season.

“I think it would be good on the writers’ part to start considering that critique—slightly late but better late than never,” Bailey told the outlet. “In season 2, we added Carlacia [Grant] to our main cast. She brings a vibe to set that we very much needed. I think it’d be in the writers’ best interests to start emphasizing it more.”

Seeing as half of the main Pogues are Black, Bailey says this detail shouldn’t be ignored.

“You have three characters who are Black, and I’ll speak on my character specifically,” continued Bailey, who plays biracial teen Kiara Carrera, who comes from the upper-class side of the island. “Her whole theme is a foot in both worlds, and we’re lacking a huge part of that, which is her race. That said, there are moments. They’re too brief, but there are moments.”

Season 3 of Outer Banks is currently available to stream on Netflix.