As already announced 2 months ago, A Man's Story, the Ozwald Boateng documentary, will finally open in UK theaters on March 9th, which would be almost immediately followed by a DVD/Blu-ray release (also just in the UK) 10 days later, on March 19th, rather soon after its theatrical debut.

It's been confirmed that the UK DVD/Blu-ray release will contain a 34-minute documentary about Boateng's record-breaking show at the Odeon Leicester Square last year.

But still no announcement of a USA release. I don't believe it even has an American distributor yet.

Although the team behind the film says that they expect a stateside opening in New York City sometime during the first quarter of this year – so anytime between now and the end of this mpnth. Let's hope so… I haven't seen it yet, but Sergio has, and he gave it a thumbs up!

The marketing team also previously promised that a *proper* theatrical release trailer would be coming as well, to replace the 4 1/2-minute preview that's been circulating since we first profiled the film about a year ago.

I've embedded that new official trailer below (I'm looking forward to finally seeing this):