P-Valley star J. Alphonse Nicholson is responding after Plies made a joke regarding Nicholson’s character Lil Murda and his relationship with Nicco Annan’s character Uncle Clifford.

In a video that has since gone viral, Plies joked that he was “traumatized” by seeing Lil Murda and Uncle Clifford in love scenes on the show. According to Bossip, Plies wrote on Twitter, “I’m really traumatized!!!! Many why y’all ain’t give me a tutorial on P Valley…I heard the show doing well so congrats to everyone involved but damn I wasn’t ready for all dat!”

Within the video, he also made fun of Annan's weight, saying that Lil Murda was "in the m-------f------ bed with 300 pounds of pressure…"

Some commenters asked why he knew all of the characters if he was so traumatized.

One commenter wrote, “I find this hard to believe that in two years this is the first time he’s watched this show and this sounds like a good synopsis so I mean he liked it apparently.”

Another commenter brought up Lil Murda’s emotional state in the finale, writing, “Where do I start with this video? You clearly don’t watch the show. Lil Murda was emotional in the FINALE beacuse of the trauma he’s been through. Because of anti-LGBT bigotry and the loss he has suffered.”

Nicholson addressed Plies in a recent xoNecole interview, (as reported by Bossip) saying that he doesn’t get why the rapper claims he’s traumatized by what he saw.

"It's interesting because he knew every character's name, knew exactly what they said, and so you wonder 'are people traumatized?' Are you confused? Or are you just scared to kinda accept maybe who you are or those who are around you are?"

“And I don’t got nothing against that brother,” he continued. “I will say this publicly, though, I do think it’s very unkind to talk about people’s appearance and weight and if you have something harsh to say, like… the 300 pounds of pressure joke… Nicco Annan is my good brother, I love that brother, and I wouldn’t let anyone disrespect him to his face nor through the internet… but um yea, worry about your own weight, dawg… worry about your own height…”