nullShows you what I know which ain't much. I could have sworn that this current 3D craze wasn't going to last just as it didn't during the early 1950's.

Back then Hollywood was convinced that 3D was going to save Hollywood. They still do today, just even MORE so.

So that's why Warner Bros has announced that their big 2013 summer release, the sci-fi/actioner Pacific Rim directed by Guillermo del Toro with Idris Elba will be reformatted into 3D before its scheduled July 12 2013 release date

Del Toro himself said a few months that he did not want to shoot or release the film is 3D, but what Warners wants, Warners gets.

The film however will also be released in 2D is certain theaters as well leaving audiences to choose which version they want to see.