Phaedra Parks may be a forever fan favorite for her time on The Real Housewives of Atlanta but that doesn’t mean she wants her two sons to watch her on the popular reality series. Parks, who starred on the show from Season 3 and was fired after the explosive season 9 reunion, does not feel it’s an appropriate program for her sons Ayden, 11, and Dylan, 8.

"That’s not child-appropriate."

“Never. That’s not child-appropriate,” the 47-year-old attorney told Us Weekly. “I don’t think it was created for children and so I don’t know if any responsible parent allows their child to watch those types of shows. I mean, there’s maybe six [or] seventh graders, [but] I don’t even know that. Maybe high schoolers can watch it, but I would never allow my kids to watch the Housewives ’cause it’s too adult.”

Despite her no longer being on the show, Parks still gets major attention from fans. When asked whether or not her sons are ever irritated by her constantly being recognized, she says they are used to it. Both boys were born during Parks’ time on the show. Ayden in particular became a viewer favorite for his wit.

‘Oh my God, your mom is famous!’

“To be honest, I think it’s second nature to them because…you know, of course, they were both born on television and people see them,” Parks said. “At first they thought I just knew everyone in the world in the grocery store. They’re like, ‘Mom, how do you know these people?’… I’m very cordial to anyone that usually approaches me. [My sons] always witnessed it. Now, they realize like, ‘Oh, these people don’t know you. They just watch the TV show.’ So they see my memes and, you know, their friends are like, ‘Oh my God, your mom is famous!’ And so, [they are] very tickled by it.”

The mortician may not want her sons to see certain moments. Her contentious divorce with their father played out during season 7 of the show. She exited after Porsha Williams revealed that Parks was behind a damaging rumor about Parks’ former BFF, Kandi Burruss. Parks is rumored to potentially be making her return to the franchise. There are also reports that she’ll be featured in the next All-Stars special.