The award-winning gaming and animation company, JumpButton, has a new short series coming.

Pizza Girl is a brand new animated short for Gen Z teenagers. According to an official description: “Pizza Girl follows 15-year-old Aaliyah as she tries episode by episode to express her crush on Jayda, but her attempts are hampered by all sorts of unfortunate coincidences and hilariously awful luck.”

The short was inspired by the creator and director, Rachel Headlam’s, experience as a 15-year-old.

When Headlam ordered a pizza one summer, she became flustered after meeting and feeling attracted to the delivery girl. Immediately after, she took to her group chat for advice and her friends told her, “Don’t flirt with people at work!” She decided to create PIZZA GIRL based on her experience. The idea for PIZZA GIRL was picked up by JumpButton Studio and developed into a short.

“I created this short with the intent of creating humor for Gen Z kids, specifically LGBT kids so that they can feel seen,” said Headlam. “Though there might be some insiders, the overall humor will be enjoyable for everyone and I hope that it leaves viewers laughing and wondering, ‘how does this happen to a person?’”

'Pizza Girl' features an all-star cast.

The short series stars Tristin Mays (MacGyver, The Vampire Diaries), Khleo Thomas (Holes, Roll Bounce), Brandi Marie King (Couples Night, Gym Life), and Wes Armstrong (Couples Night, Ding Dong Ditch).

Pizza Girl is set to debut on June 19th in honor of PRIDE Month and Juneteenth.