It appears the cordial co-parenting relationship between former The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams and her ex-fiance Dennis McKinley is at an impasse. The two split for good after a 3-year on-again-off-again relationship and their daughter, Pilar. Now, Williams is engaged to marry Simon Guobadia and having a difficult time blending her two families. McKinley also admits the situation is awkward but has also committed to co-parenting with Williams and Guobadia and now their co-parenting relationship is seemingly in jeopardy. 

Porsha Williams slams Dennis McKinley for allegedly critiquing her parenting

The latest episode of Porsha’s Family Matters showed Williams and co on a retreat in Mexico. Things became heated when discussing McKinley and Williams’ split. 

Not too much is known about Williams’ latest Instagram, but it apparently had something to do with McKinley making comments about Williams’ parenting in an upcoming episode they filmed not too long ago. 

She wrote, “Now you all know by now I don’t address too much of what’s happening on the show because I rather you just enjoy what is meant for entertainment! But because of future low-life accusations made by Dennis of me on the show. I want to make it known that yes my daughter is in [Mexico] with me as she is majority of the time when I travel as a single mom!”

She then mentioned the Mexico retreat, saying:

“But as you can imagine after the first dinner I saw just how crazy it was going to be and chose to keep [my daughter] off-camera while I was there working on the show. However, we stayed an extra week in [Mexico] and as a family we (My fiancé& I) blended and enjoyed the rest of our vacation. I’m a damn good mother and I always have my baby girl close no matter what,” said the Bravo star. “She is my world and my purpose & for anyone to raise a question against that shame on you and whoever raised you.”

She then took a shot at McKinley’s finances and parenting after someone commented on her ex. “I literally have no idea how much he makes pretty sure it’s not millions… What millionaire doesn’t pay child support only daycare and buys fake rolex?!”

Check out the post below, as well as a comment she responded to Tamika D. Mallory about:


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