Porsha Williams has been having a tumultuous news cycle for the last nine months.

A The Real Housewives of Atlanta fan-favorite, Williams’ engagement to former castmate Falynn Pina’s then husband, Simon Guobadia, shocked fans on Mothers Day leaving fans to speculate if Williams and Simon were involved. A few months after the official announcement, Williams announced she would not be returning to The Real Housewives of Atlanta. However, fans could still see her on television because her limited series spinoff , Porsha’s Family Matters, was greenlit.

But it isn’t all peaches on Williams’ show. In the last few episodes, Williams’ behavior and/or actions have been brought into question.

After the latest episode, fans have accused Williams of gaslighting her cousin, Londie.

Londie was Williams’ assistant prior to her termination. It was later revealed that she was fired by Williams after allegedly failing to wrap baby oil, which spilled onto her Chanel bag and ruined it. Londie got another gig working for Williams’ ex fiancé and child’s father, Dennis McKinley at his restaurant. McKinley terminated Londie as well.

In the previous episode, it was revealed by McKinley that he terminated Londie at Williams’ requests. Shocked by the news, Londie decided to confront Williams about it so that the two could move forward and work through any concerns.

However, Williams was not having it. She blamed Londie for everything and never took ownership for her part. She also said Londie was absent when Williams needed her most during an abusive relationship. Londie explained she was away at college. When Londie began crying after learning the real reason behind her termination, Williams left.

Fans took to Twitter to respond to the scene:

“Porsha should teach Gaslighting 101 and show this conversation she’s having with Londie. #PorshasFamilyMatters,” tweeted a viewer.

"Nah, Porsha done gaslit the hell out of Londie. She’s been emotionally abusing people since episode one. #PorshasFamilyMatters," wrote another.

Someone else added:

The season (and presumed series finale) of Porsha’s Family Matters aired last Sunday on Bravo.