nullYou obviously might not want to read this if you hate spoilers… you’ve been warned.

Last summer’s hit drama series for the Starz Network, "Power," makes its highly anticipated return for a second season, this Saturday, June 6th at 9pm ET/PT. 

The second season of “Power” features ten hour-long episodes, a bump from the first season’s order of eight episodes.

Omari Hardwick returns to reprise his role as James “Ghost” St. Patrick, Lela Loren is Angela Valdes, Naturi Naughton is Tasha St. Patrick, Joseph Sikora is Tommy Egan, Sinqua Walls is Shawn and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is Kanan.

From Executive Producer Jackson and show creator and Executive Producer Courtney Kemp Agboh (“The Good Wife”), “Power” season two picks up right where it left off: James “Ghost” St. Patrick doubling down on his drug business to save his nightclub and dream of a legitimate future. Ghost’s work troubles pale in comparison to juggling his relationship with his wife, Tasha, and his first love, Angela, who’s also an Assistant US Attorney investigating his drug organization.

Ghost is set further back from his dream by his business partner, Tommy, who loves the drug game, and his former mentor, Kanan, fresh out of jail and looking for revenge.

Season two has Ghost in a race against himself: Can he get out of the drug game alive before Angela discovers who he is?

Speaking to TV Line in an item published this morning, series creator, Courtney Kemp Agboh, dropped a few season 2 bombs that may or may not come as surprises to fans of the series. The most significant: the show will lose “someone that we have been invested in,” she shared, adding, “A character is killed by someone who you never see coming.” 

Obviously she doesn’t share specifics, but, at least when it does happen, it won’t be a shock, now that you’re prepped for it. But maybe it really shouldn’t be a surprise anyway, given the dangerous, violent world the series is set in; like last season, characters will die. I suppose that keeps things interesting – keeps audiences guessing and engaged.

Also worth noting, co-star Naturi Naughton shared that this season will "see Ghost and Tasha bond again, because the drug game is where she’s needed;” a game that Ghost (Hardwick) decides to pay even more attention to after his nightclub was shut down after a season-finale shooting. As Agboh says, "things shift, and he has to go back to basics.”

And more time with his wife Tasha (Naughton) could lead to less time with his lover Angela (Lela Loren), which could be even further sources of conflict – notably the fed potentially learning about his double life.

There’s more over TV Line.

I actually have to finish season 1 of the series, which I started binge-watching a few weeks ago. I’ll do so before this Saturday night’s season 2 premiere.

Trailer for the upcoming new season below: