Power Book II: Ghost is the continuation of the Power story following Tariq St. Patrick after the death of his father.

The series is proof of the franchise’s popularity, which continues to branch out and grow, fleshing out its world and characters and keeping the drama going.

Characters being killed is expected in this universe, but telling actors their time on the show is coming to a close can be a complicated process.

Franchise creator and Ghost showrunner Courtney Kemp recently spoke about how she goes about informing actors of their on-screen deaths.

Courtney Kemp explained on a recent Instagram live  what it's like from a writing perspective preparing for the deaths of characters.

As reported by Showbiz Cheat Sheet, she explained, “When we make the decision in the writers room and we know it’s coming, we break the episode. For those who don’t know what break the episode means, we decide what all the beats are going to be and then someone writes an outline and that just stays in the network and the studio and then we write a script. And before the script goes into production draft [where the whole crew gets it], I traditionally have talked to the actor myself.”

Kemp went on to explain how she breaks it to the actors.

“I tell them why, I tell them how they’re gonna die, what the episode is, why, because a lot of times you want to make sure people understand it’s not about their performance,” she continued. “… And a lot of times, as I have very smart actors, they figure it out in advance. Or the character does something and when the character does that, about a week later the person will call me [wondering about their fate].”

Kemp cited Melanie Liburd, who played Carrie Milgram, as an example.

Kemp avoided questions about Carrie’s character’s fate, opting to talk about it later because it was too soon in the production of season 3. Kemp explained the situation saying:

“And I was like, ‘Uh, we’ll talk about it later,’ because I don’t try to tell people too much in advance.”

“[At this point] we’ve got a bunch of dead Guaps, we’ve got a dead chef, we’ve got a whole bunch of deaths. So all those things have to come into play,” she continued.

At the time, Kemp also warned fans of more big deaths to come in its current season, and a lot of this came to fruition with the season finale.

That episode airs Sunday night on Starz and is available now on the Starz app and on-demand.