At the police station, a bleary-eyed Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) gives his statement to a detective about his sister’s death. The detective asks him to go over the moments before Raina’s (Donshea Hopkins) murder in detail over and over again. Finally, a devastated Tariq exclaims, “Don’t you think I would have told you if I knew something?!” When the camera pans out, we see a grief stricken Ghost (Omari Hardwick) and Tasha (Naturi Naughton) sitting beside their son. Deciding the St. Patricks have had enough for one day, the detective dismisses them to go home. As Tariq and Ghost exit the room, the detective gives Tasha Raina’s things. Tasha learns that her baby’s body will not yet be released to the family.

Somewhere in Queens, an oblivious Tommy (Joseph Sikora) is chatting with Teresi’s (William Sadler) goon friend. It looks like the old gangster has kept his word and introduced his son to the family. As the men continue their discussion, a trigger-ready Kanan (Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson) rolls up on them and pops his trunk. After assuring the men with him that Kanan’s cool, Tommy peers into the trunk to see the bodies of the guys that tried to take Kanan out. Tommy immediately IDs the dead dudes as Cristobal’s (Matt Cedeño) men. He assures Kanan that he doesn’t have any beef with him (he knows Kanan saved Tariq’s life) —but he does let Kanan know that Cristobal has been tight with Dre (Rotimi) recently. Newly embolden Kanan, takes off to get after Cristobal and his new BFF Dre. In the midst of their discussion, Tommy gets a 911 text from Ghost letting him know about Raina’s death.

Ghost, Tasha and Tariq pull into the parking garage of the St. Patrick’s apartment building. There is dead silence in the car until Tasha asks her son to tell them what he knows about Raina’s death. In a rush, Riq tells his parents he doesn’t know anything before jumping out of the SUV and heading upstairs. Furious and heartbroken, Tasha and Ghost get into a heated conversation after his exit. Tasha tells Ghost that she knows Tariq’s lying— she can tell. Ghost isn’t convinced. He believes that the Jimenez (finally got the name right!) siblings are behind the hit. As though he’s in a daze, he tells Tasha that he’s going to fix it. Enraged and in disbelief, Tasha screams, “You can’t fix this!” Tasha tells him that she carried their child and now their baby is gone. Ghost promises his wife that he will kill who ever did this. She warns him not to get caught or killed.

The fractured couple finally heads into the building and walk into a household full of people all ready to greet them and provide comfort. While Tasha tries to at least engage with everyone, Ghost heads straight to the master bedroom, removing his tux from the previous night. We watch him disrobe— shedding his James persona to embody the ruthless killer, Ghost. In the midst of his transformation, he balls up the program from the Man of the Year ceremony that he had just been so thrilled to be a part of. He also gets a text from Councilman Rashad Tate (Larenz Tate) offering his condolences and telling Ghost to meet him at a well-known church later in the day. (Sir??!! A raggedy text when this man has lost his child?!!) Ghost ignores it and readies himself for war.

Power Season 4 2017

At the Feds, the new big boss Tameika Robinson (Quincy Tyler Bernstine) looks on as a very smug Angela (Lela Loren) leads her first briefing as Head of Criminal. It looks like the Feds have uncovered the Jimenez’s stash house which was full of bodies, drugs and that very fancy gold gun Diego (Maurice Compte) is so fond of. (They just haven’t figured out exactly what it is.) Just as Anglea gets into the meat and bones of her presentation, Saxe (Shane Johnson) rolls in a day late and a dollar short. He tells Anglea about Rania’s death (almost gleefully) and watches his colleague— obviously shaken by the news— stumble through the next bit of her presentation. Later, Anglea sits scrolling through news reports of Rania’s death while contemplating calling Ghost. Suddenly Saxe bursts into her office. He seems pleased as punch about what he feels is a new lead in the St. Patrick case, and he wants Angela to begin following Ghost again. Saxe knows that Ghost’s criminality is somehow connected to the death of his kid. Annoyed Anglea puts the man out.

In his home office, Ghost is still preparing for what’s to come. He briefly looks through Rainia’s things in disbelief. He’s interrupted when he gets a text from Tommy letting him know he’s outside. As he leaves the penthouse, he nods at Tasha to let her know that he’s off to war. As he exits his building, Ghost spots Tommy— but before he heads that way, Angela approaches him. She’s desperate to know what she can do to help, and she also warns him that if seeks vengeance and he’s caught, he will lose everything. Ghost stares at his high school sweetheart and tells her, “I already lost everything.” He quietly thanks her for stopping by before kissing her on the cheek and walking away. He waits until Angela has left before he gets into the car with Tommy. Tommy is almost speechless as he hands Ghost a new phone and gun. They’re strapped ready to ride.

Meanwhile, Kanan is getting the trunk of his car cleaned because that’s what you do when you’ve been riding around with dead bodies. Stepping away, he answers a phone call from Tariq. As casually as he can, the boy asks Kanan if he’s seen or heard from Ray Ray (Marcus Callender). He tells Kanan to let him know if he does because Ray Ray owes him money. Kanan seems suspicious about the call but hasn’t yet put the pieces together.

In the midst of this, Ray Ray is in his apartment reading Tariq’s police statement. He’s shook. He tells his cousin Destiny (Andrea-Rachel Parker) that he had to kill Raina and now he’s gotta skip town. Since Riq hasn’t told the police anything, he knows Ghost and Tommy are coming for that ass. In the midst of Ray Ray and Destiny’s convo, there is a knock on the door. Destiny goes in the back to hide, and Ray Ray opens the door to greet Angela. After doing some digging, Angela has discovered that Ray Ray has been at Tariq and Raina’s school. She wants to know why. Ray Ray tells Angela that he was following a string of robberies that Tariq might have been involved with but Angela doesn’t look convinced.

Meanwhile, Tommy and Ghost roll up on the Toros Locos warehouse, guns blazing. They shoot first and ask questions later—they want to know why the Jimenez targeted Raina. The main minion (after Ghost literally nails him to his chair) tells the men that it couldn’t have been the Jimenez siblings because Alicia (Ana de la Reguera) doesn’t approve of killing kids. He tries to assure Ghost and Tommy that Diego wouldn’t have done it behind her back either. Still incensed, Ghost holds the nail gun to the man’s neck making him swear that he has never harmed his family. Desperate to save himself, the main minion confesses to killing Julio (J.R. Ramerez) on Dre’s orders. That’s all Ghost needed to hear— he pulls out his gun and shoots the man dead. He and Tommy are back to square one—they have no idea who killed Raina.

At the penthouse, a parched Terry Silver (Brandon Victor Dixon) strolls in just as some simple minded woman is telling Tasha that, “everything happens for a reason.” (Lifehack: Never say some garbage like that to someone who has just lost someone near and dear to them.) Relieved to see her mancake, Tasha ushers Silver into a room. She assures him that she doesn’t know what happened while he desperately tries to get her to let him help. Pathetic Silver basically grovels and tells Tasha that he loves her. (INAPPROPRIATE AF SIR!!) In the moment, Tasha knows she can’t deal with Silver and everything else that is happening, so she puts him out. BYE TERRY!

Meanwhile, the arrogance is pulsing off of Dre as he comes out of one of the clubs. Tommy is waiting in his car to run up on the young gangster, but he holds back once he sees Ray Ray approach. Ray Ray is desperate; he needs money to leave town before Tommy and Ghost catch up to him. He threatens Dre, telling him that he’s been wearing a wire the whole time they’ve been interacting, and he’s gonna snitch if Dre doesn’t pay up. Dre reluctantly agrees to meet Ray Ray at a Washington Heights address later that evening with the money.

At the St. Patrick’s penthouse, Riq seems to be in a fog of lean and grief. Though he’s trying his best to be present, when his baby sister asks him where Riana is, he leaps off the couch and takes off to who knows where. (I felt really bad for Riq during this episode.)

Somewhere else in the city, Kanan is rounding up his men to hit Dre when he learns about Raina’s death. He quickly puts two and two together and realizes that Ray Ray pulled the trigger. Tommy, who is the twins’ godfather is also trying to come to some understanding. He blames himself for being high all the time as he gives his confession to Father Callahan (Jim Norton). Leaving the church, Tommy gets a call from Kanan letting him know that Ray Ray is behind Raina’s death.

While all of this is going down, Ghost (back in a tailored suit) meets Councilman Tate and some greedy ass pastor at a church somewhere. The men try and get James to agree to have Raina’s funeral at the church—they want a massive public spectacle. (I’m done!!) Ghost tells them that’s not what he wants, but Tate tries to convince Ghost to use his agony to make a change. Once he realizes Ghost isn’t budging, the Councilmen basically tells him that whatever happened to Raina is on Ghost and his lifestyle. He then tells Ghost that he’s expecting more details about the funeral which will be held at the chuch— despite Ghost’s request. Whew… It didn’t take long for Councilmen Tate to show his ass. He must not know what Ghost is capable of.

Out for blood, Tommy kicks in the door of Destiny and Ray Ray’s apartment— guns blazing and scaring the girl half to death. As the puzzle pieces begin to come together for him (he realizes that Destiny is Riq’s girl) Tommy calms down and convinces Destiny to tell him where Ray Ray is headed. He learns that the dirty cop is on his way to DC, but first, he’s going to make a stop in Washington Heights. Tommy calls Tasha to let her know Ray Ray has killed Raina; he warns her not to let any police in the apartment and to keep an eye on Tariq.

Unfortunately, by the time Tasha goes looking for her son, he’s vanished and so has her gun. Suited up just like his daddy, Riq with his mama’s gun in hand steps to Dre at Truth demanding to know where Ray Ray is. Dre tries to convince the boy to let him handle Ray Ray (yeah Ok Sir), but Riq wants blood. He warns Dre that if he doesn’t tell him what he wants to know, he’s going to snitch on Dre to his father and uncle. Seeing no other way out, Dre folds and gives Riq the address to Ray Ray’s Washington Heights bungalow.

At the Feds, Angela has discovered that Ray Ray has been looking into Tariq’s police statement when she gets a knock on the door – it’s Tasha needing her help. (How shocking was that?!) Desperate to figure out where her son is, Tasha, asks the woman who helped destroy her family locate him. Angela assures Tasha that she will help, but when Tasha tells her not to involve anyone else Angela gets very concerned. Once Tasha assures her that her that Tariq didn’t kill his sister, Angela gets Riq’s phone traced. They locate him in Washington Heights. As Tasha goes to leave, Angela warns Tasha that if Ghost is caught this time, he will get the death penalty. After a beat, Tasha thanks Angela for her help and heads out in search of her son.

As we watch Ghost race towards Washington Heights, Tariq arrives at Ray Ray’s building walking in as someone exits. Ghost pulls up in time to see his son enter the elevator. Desperate to get to his kid, he breaks the glass and unlocks the door. He races up the stairs just as Tommy enters the building behind him. Using the method that Kanan taught him, Riq breaks into Ray Ray’s apartment, gun ready just in time to see Ray Ray packing his things. Seeing that Riq is scared and unsure, Ray Ray whose gun is just out of reach begins to taunt the boy. Outside, Tasha arrives at the building just as gunshots ring out into the night. Tommy and Ghost hear it from the staircase. Several feet ahead of his best friend, Ghost goes running into the apartment and finds a shaken Tariq still holding the gun, and a dead Ray Ray on the floor. Ghost asks his son if he’s OK just as Tommy runs in, assesses the situation and begins collecting the bullet shells. As he and Ghost begin wrapping Ray Ray’s body in the carpet, Tasha runs in, takes the gun from her son and rushes him out of the apartment (after taking off his backpack and getting him to turn his hoodie inside out.) Outside, sirens begin blaring.

At the Feds, Saxe (who can’t seem to find some business of his own to mind) is trying to convince Tameika to speak to a witness who has come in. He says the woman, Maria Suarez  IDd Tommy as the man who kidnapped her, and she also recognized Ghost’s voice as an accomplice. Since Angela is nowhere to be found, Tamieka decides to hear Maria Suarez out.

On a bridge overlooking the water, Father Callahan and Dre meet up. The Priest tells Dre he wants out. He knows that Dre was behind Julio’s murder and he’s not about it. Dre is confused and asks Father Callahan who told him that. When the man tells him it was Tommy, Dre stabs poor Father Callahan in cold blood. (Dre gotta die immediately, immediately.)

Power Season 4 2017

Tasha and Tariq arrive home, and instead of heading upstairs to their apartment, they head downstairs to the building’s incinerator. In the basement, Tasha burns her son’s coat. Riq tells his mama that he isn’t sorry about what he’s done. Tasha tells him, she isn’t either. She tells Riq that when they go upstairs, he is to go directly into her bathroom, take off all his clothes and put them in a trash bag —careful not to touch anything. Tasha tells him he must clean his nails with peroxide and a toothbrush and then shower thoroughly. Listening to his mama, Riq does everything he’s told while looking at a picture of himself and his sisters. As series creator Courtney A. Kemp said of the episode, “This s not a great coming of age, but today he’s a man.”

Later, Cristobal and the rest of the crew await Dre and their product. They are shocked when they Dres arrive with the Jimenez siblings. The Jimenez are all set to go but they have shown up in person because they want this transition to be clean. They want to know who killed Julio and Alicia is determined to find out.

In Washington Heights, Angela arrives at Ray Ray’s hideout, Though there is a pool of blood, there is no body or any shell casings. Unfortunately, it’s not a completely clean hit. Anglea spots a hole in the wall with a bullet in it. Almost defeated, she tells a detective to retrieve it and trace it. She knows the bullet will trace back to the St. Patricks

Later, Tasha finally meets up with Silver. She tells him that she needs his help and she hypothetically asks him what he would recommend to a person who killed someone in revenge. Thinking she’s referring to Ghost, Silver tells Tasha her husband is going to need legal counsel. Instead, Tasha tells him that it was her. Silver tells Tasha that he can be her lover or her lawyer —not both. Tasa hands the man a check for his retainer fee.

Somewhere else in the city, Dre, his crew and the Jimenez siblings exit a building with Tommy and Ghost looking on. The men realize that now that he has the Jimenez in the fold they can’t just take Dre out. It will take a ton of men, firepower, and planning. As the camera pans out, we see Kanan sitting in the backseat of the car. The three men have united, and they are going to take Dre down. As Tommy’s car pulls off, the camera zooms in on the tracker the Feds left the car at the beginning of the season. It’s going to be a rough road ahead.

Season five will be a bloodbath.

Power will return in 2018.

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