Omari Hardwick‘s character on Power may have “died,” but he’s willing to reprise the role if he receives the right check.

Hardrick starred as James “Ghost” St. Patrick in all six seasons of the hit Starz series. During the show’s finale, Ghost was shot and believed to be killed by his son Tariq St. Patrick. Hardwick has since appeared in Power Book II: Ghost flashbacks and dream sequences with his on-screen son.

While speaking to The Associated Press, the actor said that producers have approached him to return to the 'Power' universe.

Hardwick said that the show would need to have a great plot for Ghost in order for him to consider returning to the series.

“It would just have to be the perfect thing. They asked me to come back. They’ve asked me in the last year and a half to come back,” the actor said.

Hardwick also said that he would need to receive the right amount of money to take on this opportunity.

“When I was offered this when I was in Boston reading [Netflix’s The Mother] script. I was in Boston saying, ‘and then this.’ And then the ‘then this’ went to Starz, and then they didn’t come back,” the actor explained. “They didn’t give me what I wanted on the ‘then this.’ So if they gave me the ‘then this’…but it would need to be the right ‘that.'”