Preview of an intriguing upcoming documentary produced and directed by Naimah Fuller titled Home – The Documentary Movie; the feature film chronicles the migration experience of African Americans, reversing historical trends and relocating back to the south in the 21st century, thanks in part to rising costs of living up north. Further, as Fuller states, “The poignant question the documentary begs: Are blacks relocating into the South as a consequence of an insidious urban renewal policy called “gentrification”, or is it the manifestation of a shared ethos, a spiritual calling to African Americans to return to their southern roots?

Five years in the making, the film features interviews with the likes of Morgan Freeman, Dr Maya Angelou, Terence Blanchard and Reuben Cannon, who share their own stories/journeys of returning home to states in the south, from Georgia to North Carolina and Mississippi.

According to Fuller’s website, the film is currently seeking distribution, for a likely televised broadcast.

Immediately following below are clips from the movie, with Terence Blanchard and Maya Angelou (you’ll find many more clips by “liking” the film’s Facebook page HERE). And just below that clip is a recent interview Fuller did with NPR about the project.

And here’s the NPR interview with Tony Cox.