Trailer for an upcoming British documentary called The Story Of Lover’s Rock, directed by Menelik Shabazz (Burning An Illusion).

The film’s story goes… Through live performances by and interviews with some of the leading representatives of the musical genre, as well as archival footage, and photographs, the film “brings back to life the era of the late 70s and 80s when the music was at a highpoint. Lover’s Rock was British, the first UK ‘girl power’ music that gave a voice to many first generation black British young people but not exclusively. Along with the music came a unique fashion style and ‘scrubbing’ an intimate dance between male and female that defined the Lover’s Rock brand.

The end goal being to highlight a style of music (aka Lover’s Rock, aka “romantic reggae“), and the generation that fostered its rise.

You can read a summary of the history of the genre of music, which traces its roots back to early reggae, HERE.

E. Forde tells me that the film is on schedule for a UK release later this year. Not sure about elsewhere.

Watch the extended trailer below for a glimpse: