Maybe I should first warn you and say that this might be a SPOILER. Might. Maybe it's been revealed elsewhere and I'm just not aware… but you've been warned.

A quickie recap… Now You See Me stars Jesse EisenbergMorgan Freeman, Woody HarrelsonMélanie Laurent, Common and others in a film that centers on a team of FBI agents tracking a team of illusionists who pull off bank heists during their performances and reward their audiences with the money. 

In the ABC New Orleans affiliate exclusive behind-the-scenes report on the film, which is currently being shot in that city, Bobby Cohen, executive producer of the film, reveals a few extra details on its plot, specifically, as he states, "at the beginning of the movie, which starts in Vegas, they pull off this unbelievable bank heist where they rob a bank in Paris, while they're on stage in Las Vegas," which sets the stage for an international chase through several cities.

Second (and here's the potential SPOILER), he states at the very end of the clip, "And so what's interesting about this movie and what's so exciting about this movie is that the whole movie is basically a giant trick on the audience."

Hmmm… of course he doesn't expound on that; we'll just have to wait to see the movie. However, the reason why I thought I'd warn you about that revelation being a potential spoiler should be obvious. If you didn't know this before, going into the movie, you likely wouldn't be looking for what's apparently going to be a big reveal at the end, a twist ending, or as he says, that the movie is "basically a giant trick on the audience;" in essence, from the beginning of the film, nothing will likely be as it seems, and by the end of it, the trick revealed.

Of course, being that it's a film about illusionists, any astute viewer who's watched more than a few movies will certainly consider the possibility that there's more than meets the eye as they watch the film. 

Let's just hope that the film doesn't make it easy to figure out early on.

But now you know (if you read the spoiler)… the film will be an international crime caper with several players and a major twist revealed that the audience won't see coming.

Watch the ABC report below: