nullWe’ve interviewed producer Will Packer twice on this blog over the last 4 years; although the last time was in 2012, after Think Like A Man opened to huge box office, shocking all of Hollywood. 

I’m sure we’ll get to interview him again in the future (the man has a full plate of films on the horizon), but in the meantime, I thought I’d share this interview he gave to Bloomberg TV a week ago, as hi latest, Ride Along, was on the verge of crossing $100 million in box office. 
There was much speculation across the web as to why the film was doing so surprisingly well, but Packer breaks it down for us in the below clip, as he shares what his formula for success is (a formula that’s proven to work, and continues to do so very well). He also talks about Kevin Hart and his work ethic (which is, in part, what makes him the success that he has become), the changing landscape for cinema as new platforms become even bigger factors in production/marketing/distribution decisions made at the studio and indie level, and a bit more.
It’s worth a listen, so check it out below – a peek behind the proverbial curtain: